I have really lost my mind

Oh boy I think I have lost the plot.  I was actually considering blogging about craft!  Anyone who knows me will know that craft and I are not words that would normally be used in the same sentence.

I even took progress photos 

Of what I was working on that is until I cut it out only to be told by the children that we had no glue.  Then I thought no worries I will use sticky tape but you know what I got lost in the instructions.  
I have a mate and her kids coming over tomorrow and I was thinking if I could do it then maybe it would keep the kids occupied if it is still raining.  But I pretty much got lost in what to do after I cut it all out. 
So rather than me continuing I thought I would just include the link to where I found the original idea, they are called Flextangles.  If you are wanting the template or to make them all the instructions are on the website above.  I thought it looked cool and that maybe it would be fun to make, you might too.  Here is a video all about them. 


til next time I loose my mind 
Cathy xoxo 

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