Biggest Morning Tea …

IMG_3939Cancer sucks! Let’s face it there is just no beating around the bush on this it is a cruel, insidious, nasty illness that takes lives too soon, has the potential to destroy families and the treatment seems almost too horrible to imagine.

I doubt very much if any of you who are reading this don’t know at least one person in real life that has been treated for some form of cancer in some way. Whether it be by surgery, chemo, radiation, all of the above. I have had cancer surgically removed myself three times! My darling nephew has fought a fight with brain cancer and is doing incredibly well nearly 6yrs since diagnosis. My Pop had bowel cancer. A dear mum (well quite a number actually) at school has fought breast cancer, a dear friend in Perth, a precious little girl in Melbourne lost her fight and her twin brother is doing well after his own battle, a reader sent me a message to say she is currently battling breast cancer, beautiful Julia Watson, my cousin’s wife and the list goes on. Continue reading

Mummy’s delicious chicken


My Nan & Pop with my cousin & I at my debut 21/5/88

This recipe is inspired by my dear beautiful Nan. Many years ago when microwaves were first available my Nan went off to learn how to use it. She used to pretty much cook chicken souffle or a chicken and crab recipe for us every Thursday night when we went there for a family dinner. It was always a hit. I was looking for a twist on the chicken souffle and also I had been struggling with the cream of chicken soup. Our son is coeliac and all the canned cream of chicken soups have wheat in them. I found that I had been making it from scratch to avoid the canned soups. Continue reading

Bolognese Sauce

Sarah from Sarahdipity was wondering about what is the secret to a good bolognese because her Brother-in-law makes a great one that he won’t share the recipe for. So she was asking on Facebook what makes a good sauce. I said I would type mine up so here it is for all.

For me a good sauce is something that the kids will eat and I have been making this for years and years it is the easiest and most favourite dish for our family. The best thing with a bolognese sauce you can do so much with it: Lasagne; Spaghetti; Pasta Bake. Tonight we are having pasta bake. These days I am struggling with finding enough food to fill a growing teenage son. I am not sure where he is putting it all and I am forever grateful we only have one son (plus two daughters), any more boys and I am not sure we could afford to feed them, our girls just don’t seem to want the same quantity of food ever! Continue reading