the making of a champion

Watching the Olympics I wondered if champions are born or made?  I would have to say that the answer is mostly a little bit of both, sometimes though it happens through sheer grit and determination to strive to be the very best in whatever your area of talent is. There seems to be a lot of second generation athletes, not always doing the same sport as mum or dad, but there is some degree of pedigree there. Here is a piece written by an Australian Swimmer Melanie Wright telling her story of how she got there. Continue reading

That time I had dinner with Thomas Keneally 

I wouldn’t normally bore you with the details of our date night because they are not really very exciting. Just parents trying to get out and connect and remember who we were before we became parents and for us we don’t do it nearly often enough. IMG_4660Hubby and I had the opportunity to go out for dinner tonight while the kids were with my folks so we raced out the door quicker than Road Runner in case they changed their minds. We went to a beautiful restaurant called The Waterhouse in Huskisson. It was really great and as I always do I had looked up their menu and decided on my dessert before we even got there! I don’t know about you, but if there is nothing on the dessert menu I like there would need to be something else spectacular on the menu for me to consider it an option as a night out because dessert is my favourite thing! Continue reading