Sunshine and Whales

This morning we got up and it wasn’t raining!* After a week of rain this was really something to be celebrated. Though I m not sure why I was surprised that it was raining there is something about me heading to Jervis Bay that brings the rain. We have been coming down here for nearly 20yrs now since Mum & Dad bought the house around the corner in Vincentia and at a very rough anecdotal guess it rains at least 70% of the time that I visit. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to matter what season it is if I am there it rains!

Today the sun came out so we took the opportunity to get outside. Right now is the beginning of the whale migration season with the whales heading north for the warmer waters to have babies. Jervis Bay itself is a sanctuary for the whales on both legs of the journey and they sometimes have babies in the bay itself. They can often be seen inside the heads just playing around and relaxing because they know it is a safe place to rest and they bring the baby whales in as well so they know it is a safe haven on their long journey. Continue reading

Little changes …

Little changes can make a huge difference in how you use space in a house. We have a lovely home in the ‘burbs of Wollongong. It is an ex-government house and we are only the second family to ever have lived in it since it was built in the post-WW2 building era in Wollongong.

It has been our home for coming up to 15 years, it is the home we bought together and started our family life in. It is the home that we brought all our babies home to. So I have a huge emotional attachment to our home. I often harbour grand schemes of moving house to somewhere bigger with more bedrooms, bigger bedrooms, more storage, newer and prettier kitchen you know how things go. But then I keep coming back to this is my home, it is where I brought my babies home, and somehow for now that outweighs everything. That and the ridiculous changeover costs of moving house, legal fees, moving costs, setting up a new home etc. Plus if we moved would we be able to stay in the area we currently live, or would we need to move to a new area and leave our friends, then needing to establish ourselves somewhere new that is all to overwhelming for me now and really ever. Continue reading