So proud …


There are many things I am proud of in my life I am not sure what I am most proud of. It is cliche but of course I am proud of my kids, when they were babies I would sit on their bedroom floors and listen to them breathe and sleep in wonder.

Now they are growing into people I am often amazed at the things they can do. My big boy was born so tiny and you would never know it now. He came into the world 9wks too early but it hasn’t ever held him back. The same for our girls always the overachiever I couldn’t just have one girl I had to aim higher and have identical twins.  Continue reading

Things I wish …

How many times do you walk away from something and think damn I should have said x or done y. I tend to do this a lot! I replay conversations, situations over and over and over in my head. Especially when things haven’t necessarily turned out well. I will try to work out ways in which I could have done or said things differently.

Over my life there have been so many times when I wish for one more moment or the ability to say one more thing, one more time. Some of these would be: Continue reading