Dependent no more

Mid February 2015, I had a spectacular physical and mental breakdown. This thrust me into the world of constant rehab to recover the functional movement in the left side of my body. In addition to that I also started rehab for my brain.

The other major impact that this had on my life was that instead of caring for everyone else and being the one that others depended on. I became the person that required caring for and I needed to depend on others for everything. For what I can work out this meant eating, drinking, showering, dressing, thinking, processing you name it I needed help with it. Continue reading

The Happiness Trap


Wearing our ears with Mum in Disneyland

Have you ever wondered to yourself I have the family of my dreams, the house, the car, the job etc, and yet you are still so desperately unhappy? It doesn’t seem to matter how many things or goals you tick off your ‘I’ll be happy when’ list, you just don’t seem to feel that elusive happiness. Not in the, you know dancing, singing about life, birds singing, rainbows and unicorns sense at least.

In fact I am not sure I have ever felt much more than meh, great I just ticked that off the list. Does this sound like you? I hope so, if for no other reason than so that I am not alone in this. Continue reading